MoveUp! VR Edition

My Bachelor Degree Thesis: “A Unity-based VR tool for proposing personalized itineraries”

MoveUp! VR Edition’ is a VR tool that tries to solve problems of sedentary lifestyle in people by proposing and simulating an itinerary based on certain parameters.

The tool was developed for Android devices and Cardboard VR visors and is able of:

  • Generate the needed portion of the world on 3D virtual space, keeping the fidelity as high as possible, with buildings and terrain with real-world dimensions.
  • Simulating the itinerary on the 3D virtual world, with continuous movement along the path and the possibility to rotate the point of view in first person.
  • Generate a 360° street view representation of the point of interest.
  • Switch the simulation from standard view to Virtual Reality view.

More info can be found in the final report (in Italian).

Federico Scaramelli
Federico Scaramelli
MSc Student in Computer Science

Game Developer